Moving comedy at The Acorn

The cast of Bazaar and Rumage
The cast of Bazaar and Rumage

Bazaar and Rummage is Dukeries Theatre Group’s up-coming comedy about a self-help group for Agoraphobics.

Led by Gwenda, an ex-agoraphobic who has decided to ‘devote herself to the poor and ignorant’ by taking three women under her wing.

Margaret, Bell-Bell and Katrina are each confined to their homes, but for very different reasons.

Margaret has been exiled for 15 years for reasons that will be revealed.

Bell Bell is a hygiene obsessed housewife and Katrina was a cabaret singer who was pelted with plastic pineapples during a big finale, and as a consequence hasn’t left the house for years.

To add to her pains, she sees her salvation in listening to Barry Manilow.

Gwenda enlists the support of Fliss, a trainee social worker, to get the three to help at a bazaar in a church hall.

As they sort through the jumble, their individual fears and traumatic pasts are gradually revealed.

The play is distinguished by sensitive characterization, touching, funny reminiscences and affectionate repartee between the leading ladies.

And as the three women leave the church hall, it becomes apparent that although they may not be cured, at least they have all made an effort.

Sue Townsend, author of the very popular Adrian Mole books, has crafted a very entertaining, witty and poignant play of ordinary people striving to overcome all obstacles in an effort to rejoin society.

At times the characters are hilariously funny at others, sad and pathetic.

The play is also about caring and the way carers deal with those they are supposed to be caring for, and so this raises the question of who needs whom.

A new venture for the theatre group is the addition of a couple of musical items arranged by Diane Paul from Manchester and Craig Hawes from the Acorn Theatre, with help of some virtuoso piano playing in the early stages by Brady Mould.

This show is the first the group have had the pleasure to present in their newly- refurbished Acorn Theatre venue.

If you haven’t experienced the new raked seating or witnessed the mini refurb that accompanied its installation then you really must give it a try.

The show runs from Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th April at 7.30pm at The Acorn Theatre, Queen Street, Worksop.

Tickets cost £6, and are available from the Box Office on 01909 501817.

For more details about the show and the theatre, visit