Mann keen to help victims of blacklist

Bassetlaw MP John Mann
Bassetlaw MP John Mann
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Bassetlaw MP John Mann has called for workers who know, or suspect, that their names have ever been put on a blacklist to come forward, as they may be eligible for compensation.

Blacklisting refers to the practice employed by some companies of keeping lists of people who they deemed to be ‘politically unsuitable’ to be employed by them.

At a debate last week in Parliament, Mr Mann spoke on the issue and drew from his own experiences of suffering being blacklisted himself.

“I found out that I was on the Economic League blacklist during the 1980s but I only discovered this information when a chemicals company gave me a job but then withdrew it for no good reason,” he said.

“The list was published at an event at the University of London, and I found my name on it.”

“How can there be any decency in society if people have been put on a blacklist, particularly if they have not found work?”

“I was lucky because I was in work, and kept that work. But some people lose work or do not get it without knowing why because someone, for whatever reason, decided to put them on a list”

“I am calling for people in Bassetlaw who fear that they may have been the victims of blacklisting to come forward, as they may be due compensation.”

Bassetlaw residents who suspect that they may have been the victims of blacklisting can contact John Mann’s office on 01909 506200 to discuss the issue with him.