One in four Notts people can’t boil a potato

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Guardian News

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Despite our seemingly insatiable appetite for TV cookery programmes a new survey has revealed that one in four of us in Nottinghamshire don’t even know how to boil a potato properly.

Boiling is the second most popular way of eating potatoes, after mash and yet over a quarter of the people questioned from Nottinghamshire said they didn’t know that potatoes should be boiled for between 15 and 20 minutes, either ending up with a plateful of bullets that have only been immersed in water for five to 10 minutes, or a dollop of mush that has been over boiled for between 30 to 50!

Potatoes are one of the nation’s favourite foods, with nine out of 10 of us eating them at least twice a week, according to the survey which was commissioned by GreenVale Potatoes, with total UK consumption currently standing at over two million tonnes of fresh potatoes a year.*


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