In court for arson attack on Hemswell speed camera

In Court

In Court

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A LORRY driver and his neighbour face jail after they admitted setting fire to a Hemswell Cliff speed camera to avoid a prosecution.

Anthony Luty, 28, came up with the plan after his lorry was caught doing 49mph on the A631 at Hemswell Cliff.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Luty was filmed at 4.30am on 17th October, last year, and realising he had been photographed asked his neighbour, Ashley Rowland, 23, to return to the site the next day and set fire to the camera. Rowland, who lived next door to Luty in Harlington, near Doncaster, went back alone to the scene at around 10pm on 18th October and carried out an arson attack on the device.


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