Gainsborough: Pupils capture landmarks on camera

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Parish Church Primary School invited a local professional photographer in to inspire the children and teach them new photography and computer skills.

Charlotte taught the children from Year 3 and 4 about the different camera angles that professionals use to achieve artistic effects in their photographs.

Then using iPads the children took a wide range of photographs at their chosen locations and then they were shown how to edit the light, colour and contrast of the pictures to create stunning visual representations of three of Gainsborough’s finest locations.

Photographer Charlotte Newton said: “I came in to teach the children photography techniques and I asked them to look at Gainsborough in a different way.”

“We focused on three sites, Parish Church, Gainsborough Old Hall and Marshall’s Yard.”

“We were trying to get the children to photograph the building’s they see every day from different angles and different perspectives.”

“We got so many different images out of three afternoon’s work and we are really happy with the results.”

The headteacher decided that they needed to be transferred onto canvases and displayed around school and to celebrate this the school invited members of the community to a photography exhibition held in school.

Liam Thompson and Joe Barlow, two Year 3 and 4 pupils, stated how exciting it was to have their photographs displayed in such a professional way and Joe said having his work displayed in a gallery made him feel like he was famous.




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