Gainsborough: Brothers have been given parts in a new film being filmed in Lincolnshire

Brothers Luke, 12, and Evan, 10, Dickinson have been cast in a feature film being filmed in Lincolnshire

Brothers Luke, 12, and Evan, 10, Dickinson have been cast in a feature film being filmed in Lincolnshire

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Two brothers from Gainsborough will be seeing themselves on the big screen after they have both been given parts in a feature film.

Evan, 10, and Luke, 12, Dickinson of Glentham Road, Gainsborough, both auditioned for parts in a film to be filmed in areas around Lincolnshire.

Evan and Luke both attend Fame Academy at Gainsborough Academy which is how they found out about the auditions.

Matthew Hewitt, who runs Fame Academy, said: “We were contacted by a film writer.”

“She splits her time between Canada and London but her parents were from Lincoln.”

“She came to see one of our shows and she explained she had a written a script and was making a film about a group of people who get lost in a safari park called Arcala and she said she wanted to audition some of our kids.”

“She only auditioned people from Fame Academy and another school in Grantham.”

“They did the auditions and it took them five weeks before they phoned to say they had got parts.”

“They rang and said Evan had the part of James which is the second biggest part in the film.”

“And Luke also has a part in the film.”

“Other people from Fame Academy auditioned and some have been given parts as extras including Ryan Higgins and Bradley Dawes.”

Both the brothers will be spending their summer holidays learning their lines and preparing themselves.

Evan said: “I am very nervous.”

Luke said: “I’m not feeling too bad.”

“It’s not going to be in front of millions of people watching live like there is in theatre.”

“You don’t know what the viewers are saying.”

The boys mum, Zoe Dickinson, said: “Everyone is really excited.”

“Because they do Fame Academy they are use to learning scripts.”

“They already have that discipline.”

“Luke will be part of a family that come through the safari park in a car and it will focus on him filming what’s going on around him in the park.”

“We don’t know if he has a speaking part yet.”

Matt added: “They don’t have a script yet.”

“We have not a great deal of information yet.”

“We know there are going to be night shoots.”

“We have advised them to keep themselves fresh as they are going to be standing about for hours.”

Filming will be taking place around Skellingthorpe and Potterthorpe.

Evan said: “We will be filming in woods near Lincoln.”

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