Editor’s comment: We must continue to honour First World War fallen

A ceremony to mark the cenetary of WW1 was held at John Coupland hospital

A ceremony to mark the cenetary of WW1 was held at John Coupland hospital

As a country we did a wonderful job of honouring the fallen of the First World War this week - and Gainsborough more than played its part.

On the centenary of the outbreak of the conflict, people up and down Britain quietly remembered the soldiers who lost their lives in the slaughter of the Great War.

The ‘Lights Out’ event, held to remember Foreign Secretary Lord Grey’s remark that the lights were going out all over Europe, was an excellent idea for a moving tribute to all those young lives which were lost.

In Gainsborough, as elsewhere, people switched out the lights and lit a candle for an hour to pay their own solemn tribute.

While the bells of the town’s All Saints’ Church rang out for three hours from 5.45pm. And at John Coupland Hospital a tree was planted to remember the care given to injured soldiers in the years following the war.

It is now our responsibility to do a similar job remembering the other landmark events of the war as their centenary is reached over the next four years - from the horrific battles of the Somme and Passchendaele to the sinking of the Lusitania - we owe it to those who perished to honour them.




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