Corringham: Pride and poetry on a special day at school

Poet Paul Cookson with junior librarians Millie (9) & Gracie (11) reading one of Paul's books. Pic by Barrie Codling

Poet Paul Cookson with junior librarians Millie (9) & Gracie (11) reading one of Paul's books. Pic by Barrie Codling

Corringham Middle School has expanded its learning potential after building a new extension to their library.

And the school welcomed poet Paul Cookson along to officially open the new extension and spend the day working with the children.

“We have created a larger learning environment and added a small teaching room to the library and the benefits for us will be huge,” said head teacher Esther Watt Jones.

“The whole area is bright and welcoming and creates a warm environment that children love to learn in.”

“The decor and furniture was chosen by our pupil librarians from Year Six and they had their budget and went out and chose the furniture and created the look of the room, so the children have been very involved throughout.”

“Our PTA have also bought a new wireless headset system for the library too and it all helps create a good atmosphere that the children will benefit from.”

The children also benefitted hugely from their day with Paul Cookson, who was a big hit with everyone.”

“He was brilliant, he worked with every class at the school and they all produced a poem for the opening event,” continued Mrs Watt Jones.

“He’s written lots of funny books and poems down the years, including one called How To Embarrass Your Teacher, and that sort of humour really appealed to the children.”

“He showed them how by just putting certain words in a poem, or writing it in a certain way, you can instantly get a child interested and wanting to read it or write it.”

“All our children, from the four year-olds to the 11 year-olds, got really involved and we’ve had parents telling us since he’s been that their children now all want to read poetry at night.”

“Then at the end of the day, he officially opened the library extension.”

“All in all, it was a great day and everyone found the poetry and the new library being opened a great experience.”




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