Latest town councillor promises ‘new young ideas’

New Gainsborough Town Councillor Matthew Boles
New Gainsborough Town Councillor Matthew Boles

‘Young and fresh ideas’ have been promised by the newly elected representative for the East Ward on Gainsborough Town Council.

Matthew Boles is a 30-year-old IT Technician at Gainsborough’s Trent Valley Academy secondary school.

He replaces Coun Mel Starkey who sadly passed away last year.

Being one of the younger members of the council and having worked with local teens for a number of years, Coun Boles hopes to reflect this in his work as a councillor. “I have lived in Gainsborough for all of my life and I’ve always been interested in what’s happening,” he said. “I felt that I should do something to be more involved in my community.”

“It feels great to be part of the council - it’s been a long-winded few months of waiting but I’m ready to get started.”

Now that he’s part of the council, he says that he wants to do all that he can to make sure that it serves the town’s youth.

“I just want to bring some new ideas to move the town forward,” Coun Boles said.

“With no disrespect to the rest of the council, I’m one of the younger members and I work with young people every day - so I want to bring a lot of their ideas on board.”

He continued: “I’ve been speaking to a lot of the kids who use the skate park on Aisby Walk. It’s fallen into a bit of disrepair, but rather than them being quite dismissive I was quite surprised and encouraged to learn that they are willing to get involved themselves and apply for a lot of the funding and schemes to bring about improvements off their own back - like some kids did in Skegness.”

“I’ll be doing all I can to help so we can set up something similar.”

He added: “I’d also like to encourage the whole community to get behind Gainsborough Trinity FC and cheer them through to Wembley this week.”