AT A GLANCE information, including train times, lighting-up times, late chemists and useful numbers


LIGHTS are not needed on vehicles between the following times except during periods of poor visibility:

am pm


Fri 8 5.54 8.05

Sat 9 5.55 8.03

Sun 10 5.57 8.00

Mon 11 5.59 7.58

Tue 12 6.01 7.55

Wed 13 6.02 7.53

Thu 14 6.04 7.50

Fri 15 6.06 7.48


LATE duty chemist: Lincoln Co-op Chemists, Market Street, Sunday noon-1pm; Vanessa Drive, Mon-Fri 5.30pm-6.30pm; Spivak Chemists, Heapham Road, Wed-Fri 5.30pm-7pm.


TRAIN times for Gainsborough's stations from Sunday June 11 until Saturday December 9 are:


To LINCOLN: Weekdays - 6.25am, 7.38am, 8.24am, 9.38am, 10.38am, d10.52am, 11.38am, 12.38pm, d1.30pm, 1.39pm, 2.38pm, d2E54pm, d3P33pm(S), 3.45pm, 4.38pm, d4S56pm, 5.38pm, 6.38pm, 7.39pm, d8E00pm, 8.42pm, d9.00pm. Sundays - 2.32pm, 4.53pm, 6.53pm, 8.16pm.

To SHEFFIELD: Weekdays - 7.26am, 8A49am, 9A49am, 10A49am, 11A49am, 12A49pm, 1A49pm, 2A49pm, 3A49pm, 4H49pm(E), 4D49pm(S), 5.44pm, 6.46pm, 8.05pm, 8.49pm, 9S46pm, 9E49pm. Sundays - 3L37pm, 5.57pm, 7.57pm, 9L37pm.

To DONCASTER (direct route): Weekdays - 9.40am, 12.17pm, p1E40pm, p2S31pm, 3S32pm, 6E54pm, 7S52pm, f7E55pm. Sundays - no direct service.


To CLEETHORPES (Saturdays only): 8.57am, 1pm, 4.24pm.

To SHEFFIELD (Saturdays only): 12.22pm, 4.05pm, 7.18pm (6.06pm from Cleethorpes).

Key: A - via Sheffield to Meadowhall, Rotherham, Doncaster and Adwick; D - via Sheffield to Doncaster; d - from Doncaster (direct); E - Except Saturdays; f - from Sleaford; H - via Sheffield to Hull; L - via Sheffield to Leeds; P - to Peterborough via Spalding; S - Saturdays only.


Gainsborough code unless otherwise stated):

Causeway Lane, Lea, waste site opening times: all week - 8am to 4pm.

West Lindsey District Council - 676676 or visit the website at

Gainsborough Town Council - 811573

Bassetlaw District Council - 01909 533533

North Lincolnshire Council - 01724 296342

Lincolnshire County Council 01522 552222 -

Gainsborough Police - 810910

Gainsborough Crime Prevention Panel - 07887 752204 - If not answered, leave your name and number and a member will contact you.

Crime and drug information hotline - 0800 281490

John Coupland Hospital - 816500

Gainsborough College - 617471

Gas emergencies - freephone 0800 111999

Trinity Arts Centre - 676655

Edward Leigh MP - 01673 844501 or E-mail Conservative office -

West Lindsey Citizens Advice Bureau, 26 North Street, Gainsborough. Opening hours Monday to Wednesday, 9.30am-1.30pm. Fax 01427 810914. CAB county helpline 08701 224422 for general advice see the website on

British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) - 810350

Gainsborough Old Hall - 612669 (see What's On listings)

Gainsborough Adventure Playground - 617165 (see What's On Listings)

West Lindsey Leisure Centre - 615169 (see What's On listings)

Lincolnshire RoadCar website (for bus timetables)

Public conveniences - Roseway, Whittons Gardens, Heaton Street bus station (24 hours), Corporation Yard (disabled), Bridge Street, Saxilby, and Torksey Lock.


OPENING hours of Gainsborough Police Station will be posted outside the station each week.

People attending the station who find the office not staffed should use the telephone system on the outside wall.

This inquiry will be dealt with by the call handling unit, which will either be able to help directly or, if necessary, allocate an officer to deal with it.