‘I expect us to increase sales’

Savoy Cinema opening in Worksop. Red carpet reception at the Savoy  (w120323-2s)
Savoy Cinema opening in Worksop. Red carpet reception at the Savoy (w120323-2s)

WORKSOP’S Savoy cinema will continue to be a big hit long after the summer blockbusters have gone, its managing director has pledged.

Speaking on the eve of their six-month anniversary in the town, James Collington believes they have the audience to not only see out the winter months but increase sales leading up to Christmas and the New Year.

This summer has seen an influx of Box Office hits including The Hunger Games, Titanic 3D, American Reunion, Avengers Assemble, Men In Black 3, Ice Age 4, The Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises among others.

And Mr Collington said they’ve had a fantastic response from the word go.

“The feedback we’ve had from the town has been excellent. People appreciate the facility and have found it of the highest quality, which has brought return visits,” he said.

“We had a very successful opening night and have a friendly management team, and I think people have responded to that.”

“I think we will not just maintain our audience but increase it. There’s no reason why not. Our customer service is second to none.”

“The value is exceptional and people are coming back week in, week out.”

The £3 million multiplex cinema boasts six-screens, which will seat up to 900 people, and the latest in audio-visual technology, including digital presentation and surround sound.

He said: “The facilities we have got are top of the range. If that becomes not the case we will review that as necessary.”

“There is nothing that our competitors are doing that we aren’t and I fully expect an increase in audience over the next six months.”

“Our audiences are what we expected when we forecasted projected targets. It’s a mixed audience and the old audience has been fairly solid.”

“Our 18-30 age bracket is building which shows that word of mouth is positive. People visit and speak to their friends about it. We need to make sure people keep having a good experience.”

“The kids club has done very well too. We’ve done them before at other cinemas and they’ve been hard work to get people in but it’s worked at Worksop.”

The cinema averaged 178 showings a week throughout April, topping that only in August with 221.

“The big ones this summer have done well. Titanic 3D has done fantastically well, especially when you think people are coming back to see an old film.”

“Avengers 3D and Dark Shadows were very popular too, as was Men In Black 3.”

Worksop Guardian readers took to our Facebook wall to tell us what they thought about the new cinema.

Mark Spencer commented: “It’s brilliant and right on the doorstep. I think I’ve been over 20 times already.”

Karina Amelia Allen said: “It’s fab! I’ve been many times and would definately recommend it as it’s so much easier than having to travel to bigger towns. Only one little criticism, the food and confectionery is just as expensive as the major cinemas. That can make it an expensive outing, especially when it’s the whole family visiting. Apart from that, keep up the good work Savoy!”

Lucy Lilley added: “I think it’s a brilliant local facility, I hope people utilise it and don’t drive to Sheffield instead. I do agree that there needs to be an affordable restaurant close by that is open in the evening.”