Gainsborough: The Riverside Festival will return next year

Gainsborough Riverside Festival 2013. The parade passes the Old Hall G130608-1k
Gainsborough Riverside Festival 2013. The parade passes the Old Hall G130608-1k

After being cancelled this year due to lack of funding the Gainsborough Riverside Festival will be making a comeback next year.

A meeting was held this week to discuss ways in which to raise the funding for an event next year and to also revive the Riverside Festival committee.

Riverside Festival committee chairman, Tim Davies, said: “We need to have a Gainsborough Festival of some kind in the town for visitors and businesses.”

“We will be working with West Lindsey District Council, Gainsborough Town Council and the Town Centre Partnership.”

“Gainsborough deserves this festival.”

“Next year will be a relaunch of the Riverside Festival.”

“The town needs this festival.”

Riverside Festival committee member, Trevor Halstead, said: “I would like to see it back next year.”

“A slimmed down Riverside Festival would not go a miss.”

“It doesn’t have to be as big as it has been in previous years.”

“I would like to see it concentrated on Whittons Garden and Caskett Street down to the Old Hall and the church.”

“I know some people are wanting to change the name to help gain better grant funding but I have reservations about a name change.”

“I want to see more town interaction rather than spreading it out to the bridge.”

“We have missed it this year.”

“Even if we can’t afford to have it every year then something every two years is better than not at all.”

“I think as well there needs to be a bit more concentration on events in the town rather than having a lot of little events all around the town have bigger events but less often.”

“We need to make it a smaller more concentrated and interesting event rather than spread it around the town centre.”

Residents have taken to the Gainsborough Standard Facebook page to comment on the future of the festival.

Caz Davies said: “I’ve missed it.”

“I think there is a need for one in the town to bring all the town together.”

“I’m bias though as I help organise it.”

“It would be nice for feedback now and again so the committee can find out what there doing right or wrong.”

“No comments means you will lose it.”

Amanda Francis said: “I loved the Riverside Festival.”

“It was a tremendous boost to the town.”

“I definately missed it.”

Marie-Claire Griffin said: “Every other year would be a good idea, more time to organise it properly?”

“To me, a town’s festival should be showing off its town. There are so many other things Gainsborough can boast but it just seems so out of touch.”