Gainsborough: Pupils from Morton Trentside Primary School take part in a project which will see the pupils have a book published

NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard
NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard

Pupils from Morton Trentside Primary School are hoping to become the next JK Rowling as they write their own novel.

Around 300 school children across the UK are taking part in a project which will see them write, illustrate and publish their own novel .

Among the schools taking part is Morton Trentside Primary School.

The project is run by children’s author, Rosen Trevithick, who works with the young writers and their teachers to incorporate ideas from the 15 participating schools.

Each week builds on a creative writing task from the week before.

The children will be involved in every step of the process including writing the book’s title, designing the cover and choosing the book’s shape.

Once the children have finished planning their story, they will begin drawing the artwork with the help of professional children’s illustrator Katie W. Stewart.

The novel is a monster book and the story takes place in Fangleland on the Planet Zorbit and contains three menacing species of monster invented and elected by the children.

Katy Vaux, Year 3 teacher and Literacy Co-ordinator, read about the project on a teacher’s forum asking for school’s to become involved.

Katy said: “I emailed Rosen and said we would like to get involved.”

“She then set up a website and she emails with different tasks for the children to do every week.”

“She’s collating all the work and putting it together and all the children whose work has been sent off will be credited as an author of the book.”

“Children from Year 2, 3 and 4 are involved and Year 4 have done a lot of work on it.”

“The children seem to be really enjoying it and they have been enthusiastic about it.”

“The children had the opportunity to go on the website and vote for who they wanted to be the main character. and this has given them more input by making these kind of decisions.”

“They have really enjoyed the opportunity to be creative.”

“Writing is a focus at the school at the moment and a lot of children expressed their interest in taking part.”

The book will be published in paperback and for Kindle.

As well as this project pupils are submitting entries to the Radio 2 500 Words competition and also taking part in Read For My School where the children have to read as many books as they can.