Flood alert around Gainsborough as heavy rain continues and Dunham Bridge remains closed (Saturday 29th December)

Flooding at Dunham Bridge near Gainsborough G121227-1a
Flooding at Dunham Bridge near Gainsborough G121227-1a

A FLOOD alert remains in place in Gainsborough and surrounding villages along the River Trent as heavy rain continues today (Saturday 29th December).

The A57 toll bridge at Dunham on Trent remains closed ‘until further notice’ with further rain forecast over the weekend into next week.

The Environment Agency have issued a flood altert for the following local areas along the Trent: Church Laneham to Rampton Road,Collingham, Sutton on Trent to Normanton, low lying roads from Low Marnham to High Marnham, North Clifton, Main Street from Laneham to Church Laneham, Sturton Road at Cottam Littton, Grassthorpe Road between Grassthorpe and Sutton on Trent, the A 1 1 3 3 Newark to Torksey road between Besthorpe and Girton, the A 5 7 Markham Moor to Lincoln Road Between Dunham Bridge and Newton on Trent, the A 1 5 6 Torksey to Gainsborough Road and Lea.

The current level at the Torksey river gauge is 6.12 metres and tidal levels remain high with the possibility of further flooding on the peak of the high tide later today.

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