Firework storage warning to Worksop residents

Guardian News
Guardian News

WORKSOP people planning to hold their own firework display for Guy Fawke’s night are being advised by Notts County Council’s Trading Standards team to store their fireworks in a safe place to prevent accidents.

Fireworks should remain dry and be kept away from sources of ignition such as heaters, naked flames, and cigarettes along with flammable materials such as petrol, oil or paint.

They should be stored in lockable container or cabinet if there is a risk of children or animals having access.

Purchasers are also advised to keep fireworks in their original packaging and ask the retailer if they can store them until just before their display.

Council trading standards manager Sarah Houlton said: “It is important to always remember fireworks contain explosives so people who are planning to hold their own Guy Fawkes event need to handle them with care and store them in a safe place.”

“People often place fireworks in a damp garage or shed where they also store their paint and motoring oil – this is a recipe for disaster and should be avoided at all costs.”