We put YOUR concerns to new head at Trent Valley Academy

New Trent Valley Academy principal Fiona Wainde
New Trent Valley Academy principal Fiona Wainde

THE NEW principal at Gainsborough’s Trent Valley Academy has spoken to The Standard about her priorities at the school – including parents, the length of school days and tackling bullying.

Last week, we reported that Fiona Wainde had been appointed as Interim Principal after the resignation of former head Wendy Carrick.

Work is nearing to a completion on the new Trent Valley Academy site off Corringham Road. Pictured is the main entrance area.

Work is nearing to a completion on the new Trent Valley Academy site off Corringham Road. Pictured is the main entrance area.

This week, The Standard put the concerns of TVA school pupils to Mrs Wainde to find out what she hopes to bring to the school.

“My aims are to make Trent Valley Academy the first choice school for all local parents of children from every background and ability,” she said.

“I hope to have TVA ranking among the UK’s top comprehensive schools in the next three years.”

She continued: “We will find and develop all that is exceptional in each child by working with parents, pupils and staff.”

“I want every child to graduate from TVA with a love of learning and the skills, qualifications and confidence for a happy and successful future.”

On the subject of parents’ concerns about bullying, Mrs Wainde that she would continue to develop the academy’s ‘zero-tolerance approach’.

“I will not stand for anything that has a negative impact on the safety or welfare of our students,” she said.

“No school can claim not to have low level issues, but recent Ofsted reports and other internal investigations show that TVA takes bullying very seriously and that our students are safe and know what to do.”

She went on: “Bullying will be acted on rapidly and effective action will be made. My message to parents is to inform us of any concerns – no matter how trivial.”

Talking about her other priorities for Trent Valley Academy, Mrs Wainde said: “I am reviewing the length of the school day with a view to extending it, and also hope to expand on English and Maths lessons, as well as extra-curricular activities.”

“We will nurture every student so that the most able and gifted can excel through the curriculum and those who fell behind in primary school are able to catch up.”

She added: “Year 11 will be a real priority group for us too. We’ll be making interventions to ensure that we get the best results possible from them this summer.”

Mrs Wainde added that she would do everything possible to ensure that parents are ‘welcomed, informed and involved’.

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