Police warning after spate of town burglaries

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Gainsborough residents are warned to be extra careful and vigilant after a spate of burglaries around the town in recent weeks.

Detective Constable Tina Kennedy, from Gainsborough police, said that they believed residents should be more wary and security conscious as summer sets in.

“Gainsborough has suffered a number of burglaries in recent weeks in which offenders have targeted insecure doors, windows and patio doors,” she said. “It is important at this time of year, when summer is approaching and people are out in the garden your property is secure.”

“Recent prosecutions have highlighted that offenders often try numerous properties searching for insecurities whether people are home or not. Offenders also take the opportunity to reach through windows and take any available items.”

DC Kennedy said: “Property is often being sold on quickly. We ask if you are offered items for sale that you suspect may have come from crime please contact the police.”

“Offenders often take items which are of sentimental value.”

Gainsborough Police would like to offer residents the following pieces of security advice:

1) Keep your doors and windows locked.

2) Don’t leave valuables on display. Electrical items are always appealing to criminals and easily disposed of.

3) Record details of your property ie serial numbers, IMEI numbers on mobile phones – this helps police locate your item and mark them up with UV pens.

4) Take photographs of valuable property.

5) Consider a house alarm system.

7) CCTV systems are available.

8)Signs where dogs present.

9) Use your lighting timers

10) Consider outside lighting.

11) Electrical items such as iPhones and Ipads have tracking capabilities, therefore enable this facility in order that we may be able to trace it.

Gainsborough police would like to remind everyone that if a burglary has taken place, you should not handle items or areas believed to have been touched by the offender.

DC Kennedy added: “It is important that burglaries and suspicious persons are reported so we can identify crime patterns and trends and allocate resources accordingly.”

“We are proud to report that during the period 2012 – 2013, West Lindsey has experienced 57 fewer families have been victim of house burglary.”

“This is a 17.3per cent reduction on the previous year.”

She added: “Burglary dwelling is of the highest priority for Lincolnshire Police. We can assure you that burglaries will always be fully investigated and will do everything we can to bring offenders to justice.”