‘Citizen power’ call to tackle rowdiness

Bassetlaw Street Pastors on patrol in Worksop
Bassetlaw Street Pastors on patrol in Worksop
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OUTRAGE from Worksop residents has led to a call for ‘citizen power’ in the battle against ‘drunken marauders’ spilling out of the towns pubs and clubs in the early hours - with one bar pulling out of their late licence.

Last week, we reported that residents of Church Walk were up in arms about pubs and bars being allowed to be open as late as 5am, and the subsequent distress caused by revellers.

Church Walk residents have spoken out about the behaviour of late night revellers (w120612-9a)

Church Walk residents have spoken out about the behaviour of late night revellers (w120612-9a)

The row comes after two local pubs were granted licences to stay open until the early hours - with the Cornerhouse open until 4am and Disraeli’s now open until 5am.

Since our coverage last week, Cornerhouse landlord Mark Churchill says that he has opted out of his late licence.

“We are only staying open until 3am,” said Mark. “We work very closely with the beat officers of Church Walk and will continue to listen to residents and monitor the situation to keep people happy.”

Now, in light of new legislation, residents have been called upon to be more active and vigilant in opposing and reporting incidents that arise from drunken misbehaviour.

Derek Wilkinson in the co-ordinator of Bassetlaw Street Pastors. They were set up in 2009 at the request of the police. Around 38 volunteers take to the streets of Worksop on Friday and Saturday nights between 11pm until as late as possible.

“We have known about what’s been happening on Church Walk for quite some time now - it’s been pretty bad for residents,” said Derek.

“People are vomiting and urinating in the street and if violent arguments are taking place then they tend to spill down Church Walk.”

Derek added: “I’d say that the residents have been pretty tolerant until now - but now I’m sure that through working with the police, press and local authorities and having their say, they can finally get something done.”

Those concerned are looking ahead to the implementation of the new Government Alcohol Strategy - which is said will give ‘more powers for local areas to restrict opening and closing times, control the density of licensed premises and charge a late night levy to support policing’. New powers will mean that the council and police will be able to refuse licences to premises that are causing problems, charge more for late licences to pay for additional policing, and stop alcohol sales late at night if they are causing problems by restricting operating and closing hours.

But Notts Police and council leader Simon Greaves have said that for this to work, the public need to ‘speak out and make their voices heard’.

Worksop Inspector Steve Cartwright added: “I am aware of the increase in antisocial behaviour in the Church Walk area. We believe the incidents are largely linked to people returning home from nights out whilst in drink, who are being noisy and disruptive.”

“We are now working with the council’s Licensing and Environmental Health departments, as well as the Antisocial Behaviour team to find a solution.”