Controversial town councillor replaced

Gainsborough Town Council. Coun David Dobbie.
Gainsborough Town Council. Coun David Dobbie.
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A CONTROVERSIAL town councillor has been replaced after failing to fill in paperwork on time.

Coun David Dobbie was voted to represent the North West ward in the last election, but has now been replaced by Coun Robin Perry by co-option.

Robin Perry is a new Gainsborough Town Councillor

Robin Perry is a new Gainsborough Town Councillor

However, Dobbie says that informed the council that he would be on holiday after the election.

Dobbie famously courted controversy by suggesting that Gainsborough adopt the name ‘Gainsborough-Upon-Trent.’

Now, Lib Dem Coun Perry says he is delighted to be able to serve the community.

“Now it feels like I can actually do something for the town,” he said. “I have always been very interested in local issues.”

“Now this feels like a step up to do more. I want to help the voluntary organisations get as much money as they can and I’d like to think I can make a difference.”

Coun Perry added: “I believe there are a lot of people in the area who do so much for the community but never get a look in, so if anyone has any issues please get in touch.”

David Dobbie said: “I did not want to leave.”

“If a future vacancy on the council should appear then I may be interested but still I’m not very happy about what’s happened. A lot of my questions still haven’t been answered, so now I’m going to continue to ask them more vociferously as a member of the public.”