UPTON: Council Meeting

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Upton Parish Council Annual Meeting was held last week with seven members of the public, J. Milne WLDC and all councillors but one attending.

Police and County Councillor had been invited but did not attend. Public questions were Church Road rubbish bin not in position, parking at the post box on High Street, residents could not get to the post box because of parked cars, members of the public volunteered to do a litter pick round the village. Broadband slowness was queried, J. Milne replied that WLDC were looking into this problem. Fish and chip shop parking very dangerous. Parish council meeting. P. Rushton was elected as chair for the following year, with P. Fotheringham elected as vice chair. The fun day had been a great success. The burial ground was to have a path laid in the near future. The war memorial was again discussed and it was agreed to place it at the corner of High Street and Church Road, clerk to contact Kexby PC with their views. The village hall now has a new committee and officers.

The new street light is not yet connected. The handyman to be asked to clean the bus shelters. Next meeting will be on July 8th 2014.


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