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Elderly and vulnerable Gainsborough residents who had dealings with Minster Legal Services and didn’t receive their will documents are being asked to come forward.

Minster Legal Services, who were not members of the Society of Will Writers, ceased trading in March when their sole director David Hodgson died unexpectedly.

Representatives from Minster Legal Services left their files on the street outside a will writing company in Doncaster who contacted the Society of Will Writers as they did not know what to do.

The Society arranged to collect the files for safe keeping, and has written to all former Minster clients contained in the files to inform them where their files are and how the Society of Will Writers can help them with full contact details.

They have also recovered hundreds of original documents which many Minster clients believed they paid Minster Legal Services to safely store on their behalf.

A spokesman from the Society of Will Writers said: “What is of greater concern to us is that many of Minster’s clients, having paid several thousand of pounds in many cases, believe they have a trust or a valid will which in many cases they do not.”

“The Society would ask anyone who had dealings with Minster Legal Services and have not had their completed documents to contact the Society as soon as possible.”

If you have had a will, Lasting Power of Attorney or a trust and would like it checked, contact the Society free on 0800 838270 or email custody@willwriters.com or visit their website at www.willwriters.com