What do YOU want from your market?

Gainsborough Market G130122-2a
Gainsborough Market G130122-2a

BIG discussions are currently taking place about ways to improve Gainsborough’s town centre market - but what would you like to see?

Stalls in the Market Place have complained about flagging trade in recent years, and now business groups are calling for action to be taken.

Last week, Gainsborough Mayor Lesley Rollings said the recent merger of the Town Centre Partnership with the Chamber of Commerce created an organisation to bring together the business sector with the volunteer sector, closely linked with the councils - with proposals including a market development group.

“This will be made up of passionate individuals who want to develop the market place into something special over the next couple of years,” she said.

But what improvements should be made to the town centre market on Tuesdays and Saturdays?

Michael Thorne, from Farm to Fork Market Butchers ,said: “I think a free bus service for local villages would be great because a lot of older people don’t want to or just can’t travel when it gets cold.”

“There also needs to be a lot more of an atmosphere and the market needs to be promoted more. On many days it’s just dead - that’s why I stopped coming on Saturdays. It just wasn’t viable.”

He went on: “When you see the Farmers’ Market at Marshall’s Yard, it’s thriving. There’s no vibe in the Market Place any more and that’s a real shame.”

Flynn Harding, from Flynn’s Fruits, added: “I’m a member of the Town Centre Partnership and there are some great ideas being discussed - like introducing antique markets and craft fairs. We should start to see some great changes in the next few months because the market hasn’t been managed well in recent years.”

Local resident Vivienne Gouldthorpe said: “They should bring back the butter market - it was the best thing Gainsborough had and you could get everything you needed under one roof, no matter what weather was doing.”

Sarah Bert Lobley added: “They need to stop making unnecessary ‘improvements’ to the path work. Cock-eyed paths won’t bring more people into town. Trinity street is one of the main ways into town and if I wasn’t from round here I’d be scared to venture any further.”