Top apprentice Faye goes back to school

Faye Wilkinson with headteacher Lynne Saint and School Business Manager Jan McCormick
Faye Wilkinson with headteacher Lynne Saint and School Business Manager Jan McCormick

A SUCCESSFUL Gainsborough teen who took the prize for Business Administration Apprentice of the Year thanks to the support she received from a local school is calling for more employers to offer apprenticeships

The award was an early Christmas present for Faye Wilkinson - who turned 19 on Christmas Day.

During the year Faye has worked at Blyton cum Laughton C of E Primary School where she made herself so ‘indispensable’ that headteacher Lynne Saint offered her a permanent role when she completed her Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 3.

“It’s always been my dream to work in a school so I’m really happy to have been offered the job permanently,” said Faye.

“Doing an apprenticeship rather than college has meant I’ve been able to buy a car, as you can get paid while you’re learning.”

Mrs Saint said: “She just works very, very hard and always gives that bit extra.”

“Now we’re having a school website built and I’ve given Faye responsibility for that.”

Faye was the first apprentice the school had taken on, and following her success Mrs Saint said: “I would definitely recommend apprenticeships. If I had a vacancy I would consider another apprentice. Our apprentice was so good we had to give her a job.”

She added: “We’ve had to invest a lot in Faye but we’ve got it back and we’ll be continuing to train her. One day hopefully she’ll be a school business manager.”

The news comes as West Lindsey District Council and the National Apprentice Service teamed up for the Apprenticeships Work 4 You campaign.

Employers are being challenged to create 50 apprenticeships in a bid to grow their businesses, while helping young people gain on-the-job skills and relevant qualifications.

For more information on getting involved in the scheme, you can visit or call 0800 0150 600.