Teens praised for ‘hard work and dedication’

GCSE results at Trent Valley Academy in Gainsborough G110825-1f
GCSE results at Trent Valley Academy in Gainsborough G110825-1f
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YOUNGSTERS across Gainsborough are celebrating today after a record year for GCSE results success.

Both of Gainsborough’s secondary schools at Queen Elizabeth’s High School and Trent Valley Academy recorded their best year for GCSE results yet.

GCSE results at Queen Elizabeth High School in Gainsborough. Amy Wong who gained 9 A* grades and Elizabeth Morrisrow who gained 9.5 A* grades G110825-2f

GCSE results at Queen Elizabeth High School in Gainsborough. Amy Wong who gained 9 A* grades and Elizabeth Morrisrow who gained 9.5 A* grades G110825-2f

QEHS have reported that an incredible 100 per cent of year 11 students have achieved A* - C grades with a 51 per cent gaining ive or more A* or A grades.

Headteacher David Allsop said: “Yet again the hard work of the staff and the students has reaped dividends for our students who have managed to gain an outstanding set of results this year, with more students than ever gaining at least one A* or A grade.”

“Hidden away behind the headline figures are individual students working hard, with their teachers and the support of their parents, to do their very best.”

He continued: “Some students this year faced significant personal challenges as well as the academic challenge of GCSE, and we are particularly pleased and proud that these students have been so successful against the odds.”

Mr Allsop added: “GCSE is a gateway to post-16 learning, and the better the quality of a student’s results, the more choice they have.”

“For students at QEHS, they can now choose from a wide range of the very best courses - either here at our sixth form or elsewhere.”

Lucy Allport, 16, was beaming with pride having achieved a remarkable 10 A* grades.

“I’m quite shocked,” she said. “I’m really pleased although I didn’t want a B, but I got one anyway!”

“I never expected to get such good grades - especially in English. It’s been really stressful to say the least!”

Luke Carney, 16, was delighted with his eight A*s, one A, and two Bs.

“I wasn’t expecting to do quite so well,” said Luke. “I’m quite chuffed, and I’m glad to be coming back year for sixth form because it’s been really good.”

He went on: “I’d like to say a huge thanks to all of the staff, because I wouldn’t have got grades like this without such brilliant teachers.”

“Well done to all of my friends and I hope they’re as happy as I am with my results.”

Jack Remmington, 16, said he was ‘absolutely elated’ with his 10 A*s,

“It’s a bit surreal,” he said. “But all of the hard work has paid off I suppose! I’m over the moon”

Jack added: “There’s such a lovely and fantastic community here at QEHS so I’m really looking forward to coming back for another two years.”

Celebrations were also being enjoyed by Elizabeth Morrisroe, 16, who gained 9A* grades and even a A grade at AS level.

“A huge thank you to the staff,” she said. “I know a lot of people that go to different schools but the teachers at QEHS are really caring on an individual level and really push you.”

“I’m sure most students with results today would agree that they make this one of the best schools around and they deserve our gratitude.”

Meanwhile, TVA are also enjoying a record year, with 40 per cent of students achieving five A* - C grades including English and Maths, with an impressive 71 per cent with five or more A* - C grades overall.

Principal Wendy Carrick said she was delighted with the students’ overall performance.

“We are really pleased with all of the students,” she said. “They have worked so hard and have come to all extra lessons and support sessions. Attendance has been much better than I’ve ever known from a year group before.”

“They really deserve this. They’ve been a great year group who are very well behaved and are a pleasure to work with.”

She added: “I’d like to congratulate them all on their success and say that it shows how much you can achieve if you work as a team and if you put your mind to it.”

“They should remember this for the future and I wish them every success.”

Executive principal Tom Megahy said: “We had a full Ofsted inspection in May, which recognised the progress we have made as an academy.”

“Coupled with that, these results prove that TVA is established and successful and students can achieve the best results and go on to become whatever they aspire to.”

He continued: “I’m immensely positive about what these kids have achieved. It’s absolutely outstanding. No child is leaving TVA empty-handed and that means the world.”

“No parent has a reason to send their child on a bus to another town to be educated when there are such fantastic facilities here in Gainsborough achieving such successful results.”

Matthew Warwick, 16, achieved an amazing 15 As and A*s as well as three Bs in vocational courses.

“I’m so happy with my results,” he said. “I was aiming for more than 10 A*s and I have achieved that so I’m quite proud.”

“I’ll be going to boarding school in Scotland next year for sixth form to do my A Levels, and after that, I’m not certain, but I’ll probably be doing law at university.”

He added: “I’ve really enjoyed it at this school. The teachers have been really helpful and I would never have got through my GCSEs without them.”

“They went out of their way, bent over backwards and have just given me so much support, so I’m incredibly grateful to the teachers and staff and thankful that I have met so many great people.”

Laura Weston, 16, said she was very proud of her two A*s in science.

“I was expecting to do a lot worse than I have, so this is great,” she said. “I’m off to study travel and tourism at Lincoln College next year because I’d quite like to be an air hostess.”

She continued: “I’ve really enjoyed my time here at TVA and I’d just like to say a huge thank you to the staff and good luck to everyone.”

Debbie Sweetman, 16, said she was really happy to have passed 17 or more GCSEs.

“I was a bit disappointed to get a C in maths,” she said. “But overall I’m quite pleased with what I’ve got.”

“I’m going to study childcare at Gainsborough College next year because I really want to work with young children.”

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