Black Monday for the nation’s women

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Women wear black on a Monday more than any other day of the week, research has revealed.

A detailed study into correlations between clothing colour and days of the week found generally women dress in darker colours early on in the week to match their moods after a weekend of fun and relaxation.

Women were three times more likely to wear black on a Monday than on any other day, results showed. And following the darker tones on a Monday, nearly half of women were more likely to opt for brighter clothes on a Friday.

As many as one in four of the women who took part in the poll said they regularly opted for black on a Monday because it gave a more work-focussed feel before they turn to brighter coloured clothing as the week goes on and moods lift.

Celebrating a decade of fashion, Tu at Sainsbury’s conducted the study into women’s fashion habits over the last 10 years and found nearly a fifth of the 2,000 women studied said the colour outfit they chose often depends on what day of the week it is.

The feeling that bright clothes reflect a happier outlook and have the ability to lift mood was the strongest reason cited for choosing coloured outfits ahead of the weekend.

Anna Clarke, head of womenswear buying for Tu at Sainsbury’s, which commissioned the study, said: ‘’The links between colour and mood are well established and looking vibrant can encourage the same feeling in the wearer.

“Black clothing will always have its place but embracing colour and being adventurous with your style can have added bonuses on our happiness levels.

“Whatever the essentials a woman swears by, the results show that finding your confidence and the colours that work for you only grows with age.”

The study also found black as the most-worn colour followed by blue (21 per cent).

And black was linked to greater confidence also with women overwhelmingly more likely to gain a boost in black– although the ‘lady in red’ effect does still ring true and proved the second most likely to inspire confidence.

But things clearly get better with age and almost half of those polled believed their style and clothing confidence was getting better as they grew older.

And the biggest change in clothing over the past decade noticed by women was the rise of skinny and slim cut jeans.

Higher heels, and handbags and sunglasses becoming bigger in size.

While the popularity of wearing trainers for fashion rather than sport or exercise over that last decade also stood out.

The list also saw the rise of bolder prints becoming increasingly popular, while clashing prints was also thought to be a modern trend.

Oversized jumpers are also fashionable now according to the women polled, while the popularity of bright clothes becoming much trendier was also featured in the list.

And while trends are always changing some things really do stand the test of time- six in 10 women have an item of clothing they’ve owned for more than 10 years, results showed.

The study of fashion attitudes also found certain items transcend time and compiled women’s top 20 wardrobe essentials – a black cardigan emerged as the most voted for item followed by the little black dress and skinny jeans.

A maxi dress and a push up bra were also deemed to be ‘must-haves’ for any modern woman’s clothing repertoire.

While denim jackets, neutral wedges and a white shirt can also be found among the 20 wardrobe essentials.

Anna Clarke, head of womenswear buying for Tu at Sainsbury’s added: ‘The study shows the strength of correlation between how a woman feels and the colours she chooses to dress herself in.

“Black is a very versatile colour and can help generate a working mind-set as the results clearly show but it’s interesting to see that when it comes to feeling good and more positive a splash of colour really does make the difference.

“There was a clear trend towards wearing more colour towards the end of the week and a visible boost to a woman’s mood when wearing brighter colours.’’


1. Black cardigan

2. Little black dress

3. Skinny jeans

4. Vest top

5. Black leggings

6. Summer flip-flops

7. Maxi dress

8. White shirt

9. Push up bra

10. Summer wedges

11. Summer scarf

12. Navy blue blazer

13. Leather biker jacket

14. Black stilettos

15. Cocktail dress

16. Control pants

17. Denim jacket

18. Black blazer

19. Black polo neck

20. Neutral/ plain wedges


1. Larger sizes available in shops

2. Jeans are skinnier

3. Trouser legs have become slimmer cut

4. Handbags have become bigger

5. High heels have become taller

6. Flat shoes have proved popular

7. Animal prints have become more popular

8. Fake tan is the norm

9. Trainers are now worn for fashion rather than sport

10. Hair extensions are more popular

11. Clashing prints is okay

12. Sunglasses have gotten bigger

13. Smaller sizes available in shops

14. Dresses are tighter/more fitted

15. Bright colours are back in fashion

16. People love to layer up garments

17. Jumpers are now oversized

18. Blazers have become more casual

19. Bold prints have become more popular

20. Silver jewellery more popular the gold