‘Around 40’ police complaints made about accused

Paul Owen Henry
Paul Owen Henry

AROUND 40 complaints had been made to police about a Gainsborough man accused of attempted murder, a court heard today (Tuesday 9th October)

Yesterday, the trial of Paul Owen Henry, from Lea Place appeared began at Lincoln Crown Court.

Henry is accused of the attempted murder of Claire Louise Boswell, 44, as it is alleged that 46-year-old Henry attacked Ms Boswell at her home address on Glentham Road, Gainsborough on the afternoon of Thursday 15th September 2011.

Today, the jury heard that Miss Boswell had called the police to complain about Henry on “around 40 occasions” since 2005.

Giving evidence from behind a screen Miss Boswell insisted she had never hit Henry.

“I have never been violent towards Mr Henry, maybe in self defence, I only did whatever I had to do to defend myself,” Miss Boswell told the jury.

“I might have kicked him to get him off me.”

Miss Boswell admitted the couple’s relationship could be described as very “up and down.”

She added: “I’ve cracked the window of his premises with a pebble to wake him up.

“I cut the arms off his coat because he had broken my glasses. It was in frustration when I did things like that.”

Under questioning from Henry’s barrister, Michael Cranmer-Brown, Miss Boswell admitted Henry had never been convicted of assaulting her.

The court heard Henry was made the subject of a restraining order which prevented him from contacting Miss Boswell in September 2008.

Miss Boswell told the jury she did not always make a formal complaint about Henry’s behaviour.

“I complained when I got fed up and could not cope anymore,” she said.

The jury heard Henry broke the restraining order when he climbed in through a window of Miss Boswell’s four days before the alleged stabbing.

Miss Boswell admitted she did not ring the police straight away and gave Henry £10 for a taxi home.

“He looked ill,” Miss Boswell added. “I thought he needed help. I texted a domestic violence worker instead of ringing the police, I think it was the next day.”

“Normally I ring the police when I am frightened.”

Henry denies attempted murder.

The trial continues.

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