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NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard
NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard

28th June, 1912: THE KING’S THEATRE

TOM Butler, the star film at the King’s this weekend, is a detective story.

It opens with the escaper of two convicts, one of whom is shot by the sentries. The other, Tom Butler, gets free only to find his wife, a rising young actress, in love with a journalist named Villars.

The attempts of the convict husband to wreak revenge on his wife, and the extraordinary disguises by which he gets into her presence at different times, and most vividly portrayed, and work up to a sensational climax when, after the actress has been seized and carried away, Villars traces her and affords help just in time to save her from being “bricked” alive in a niche in the wall, and her husband ends up falling to his death.