COMMUNITY: Organ Society

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Thursday, April 28, features a very popular man from Cheshire, John Romero, who presents something different. He is an ex-British champion piano accordion player, and plays this side by side with an organ keyboard.

He played for the society last year and has been invited back earlier than usual, because he went down so well.

Starting at an early age, he took an interest in the accordion and gained valuable experience playing all the London clubs. He later progressed to cruise ships, with the last trips being to USA, Mexico and a Caribbean tour. He then decided to settle down and concentrate on all the well know organ clubs.

The society were somewhat apprehensive about booking him last year because he is something different, but they had no need to worry, he filled the place with a captive and appreciative audience who called for his return. Music to suit all tastes is guaranteed and everyone will be made most welcome.

The usual venue is the Weston Rooms, Hickman Street, Gainsborough, DN21 2DZ, and the usual start time is 7.30pm.